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Spec Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S3 VS HTC ONE X and The Rest

Finally, Galaxy S3 has arrived to the SmartPhone Arena. Let’s us compare it to the recently launch HTC One X and other smartphone: Iphone 4s and Nokia Lumia 900.


Samsung Galaxy S3 announced: Quad Core Super AMOLED beast


After many rumours fly though the internet, Samsung finally announced their much exciting phone at London. The new device features all the latest goodies including Exynos quad core 1.4Ghz, 4.8” HD super AMOLED display, 8MP rear camera,NFC, 2100 mah battery and android 4.0. All that in a 8.6mm thick body. It seems that a lot of rumour were right about the spec.

Galaxy S3 also soon has 4G capability model which will allow you surfing the web as fast as on your Unifi optic fiber. I can’t believe that Samsung can actually squeeze so much hardware chips into a 8.6mah. Don’t forget that it will have a 2100 mah battery which Samsung promised to give user a full day usage with their 2012 handsets.

Samsung has learned a lot from Apple and they going to sell Galaxy S3  in Europe from the end of the May before rolling out to global market.Check on the videos and photo gallery.



Hands on videos:

The Verge first hand on Galaxy S3

Sony Rolling Out Ice Cream Sandwich Update To Sony Tablet S (Video)

Sony has been given their word of the update of ice cream sandwich and it is arrived to their tablet – Sony Tablet S.  From the video , it seems that the interface has been much more smoother and prettier than the honeycomb. It also has some features which are very useful ,like: photo editing tools, screen capture, and also floating windows apps. If you have a Sony Tablet S, do go upgrade and experience the new interface.

The update brings several new features to the 9.4-inch slate:

  • Enhanced lock screen
    • Direct access to Notifications
    • Unlock direct to camera
  • New panoramic camera mode
  • Enhanced Gallery media viewer
    • Direct SD card access + photo editing tools
  • Exclusive “Small Apps’ for multi-tasking
    • Calculator, Browser, Remote Control
    • Move to screen edge for reduced clutter
  • New Home Screen actions
    • Drag icons together to create folders
    • Add names to folders
  • Enhanced web browser
    • Switch from mobile to desktop web sites
    • Save pages for offline viewing
  • Access files directly from SD card
  • Native screenshot capture
    • Press “power” and “Volume –“

Samsung Galaxy S3 service manual leaked, included picture and spec.

Samsung Galaxy S3 event is just one week away, and there are quite a lot of leak model appearing on the internet. has found a sketch service manual that shows  Galaxy S3  images and specification.

We can see that the quad core processor is cloaked at 1.5 Ghz instead of the lately announced Exynos 4 quad core 1.4Ghz  processor. It has a rounded body and home buttons. The rumored 12 megapixel camera has been reduced to 8 megapixel.

Check out the picture and comment on what do you think of the spec in the photo.

Do you think the real thing will be a disappointment or a big hit in the market? After seeing this, does your palm itch to hold S3’s close rival – HTC One X instead? I do not like the feeling, but I am sensing a let down here. =(

But until then, hope you have a great day and we shall see how the most anticipated model of the year goes down on the 22nd of May.

Google Drive VS The Competitor: Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, and Sugarsync

Today,online storage market has gain some new player on the deck  and it is getting crowder than before. So what’s  the different between all of them? Below it’s the camparison between the new player like Google Drive and Skydrive and the experienced player which is Dropbox, Box, and Sugarsync.

From what we look at the table, it seems than Skydrive has the most capacity of 7GB and a whopping 25GB if you are an existing user. Google Drive has only 5GB but it has intergrate with Google Docs and apps which can allow user to do online collaboration and other stuff. The other competitor still going strong today but it seems they need to have some more killer features to differentiate them between the freshmen.


Microsoft release updates for Skydrive with desktop apps and updated mobile apps, Loyalty users get 25GB Free.

Cloud storage war has getting increasingly exciting. Microsoft has updates its own online storage “SkyDrive” and make it available in almost any Operating System. It supports  Pc ,Mac, Windows Phone and IOS. Sadly there is no official android apps yet but Microsoft is kind enough to recommend some third-party apps.


Microsoft has allow live mail users to have 7GB of storage.However, if you are long time live mail(or hotmail) user, Microsoft has give a free  generous upgrade to 25GB of online storage in a limited period. This is by far the largest amount of free online storage. This will post a lot of threat to the famous Dropbox which only give 2GB free storage and the enterprise focus Box which has 5GB free online storage.

Google Drive released in Malaysia, starts with 5GB free and apps integration.

After Microsoft respond to cloud storage, Google also joining  the war by releasing  Google Drive today by giving 5GB for each user. Google is focusing more on the apps feature rather than just giving storage. Developers can create their own apps to integrate Google Drive. It supports a lot of filetype, even Photoshop file can be open to view inside the Google Drive.

Today, Google Drive has been released in Malaysia. Go and try it now.

Take a look of the introductory video of Google drive: