With the hype surrounding the recent launch of HTC One X, the much coveted Samsung Galaxy Note seems rather expensive in comparison as the Quad-cored One X costs only RM2099.

Superbuy, which is a Malaysia online store has slashed its price for Galaxy Note from RM2299 to RM 1979 (black) and RM 1999(White) to stay in the game. Although Galaxy Note has a larger Super AMOLED  5.3″ display than the HTC One X Super LCD 2 4.7″, the latter has a Quad-core underneath its cover and clams with f2.0 aperture 8 megapixel camera , Beats Audio, just to name a few while Galaxy Note has the amazing stylus features unique to its own.

The new pricing of Galaxy Note makes a awesome deal but interested buyer has to think for a while because both of these phone are totally in different category with One X as camera powerhouse and Galaxy Note as artist gateway to express.

Here is my word of advice, if you are a hardcore Galaxy Note fan looking for a good timing to get one, here’s the time; but if you’re a free-thinker looking for a good phone, head on to the display centre and get a feel of both of these amazing innovations. You’ll know which one to choose when you know which suits you best. Good luck! =)

Head over to this link (black) or link (white) to view the prices. We will come out a  phone specification comparison chart soon. So, stay tuned!