Android user can now be a part of the Instagram community, finally! It is here, right now!

If you ever stroll through facebook or other social-network site and found yourself mesmerized by those pictures in Instagram, you can now have your say in this photo-sharing fuzz.

With a wide range of gorgeous filtered effects to choose from, you can snap and share your photos among friends through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flikr (available soon). The Android version shares almost the same appearance as the IOS apps and the smoothness of the app is a cherry on top.

Head for this link and try it out. Because here’s the best part, it’s FREE.


ps: There are some instance where it doesn’t support a 8 Megapixel camera yet, like how my HTC One X is not able to capture picture in this app. Fingers crossed the new update will be available soon!

Until then, stay tuned as more updates are coming soon~ Have a great day! =)