The mobile telecommunication has been advancing by the second. Now, Digi is leading the way in Malaysia’s first LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, serving up fibre-like speed to supported phones. With download speed up to 300Mbps and upload speeds up to 75mbps, it is fast enough to replace most of the broadband in many homes.

It also better than the WIMAX that YES & P1 are currently providing, as LTE supports backward compatible with GSM and 3G network. That means if you can still use the alternative network if you’re not in the LTE coverage.

Other than that, it comes with a SIM card that allows you to slot into any LTE supported smartphones or modem for easier portability. How is it different from those that doesn’t comes with a SIM card, you ask? For instance, using WIMAX, you are required to have an extra modem or hotspot doggle to provide the internet access, it might be alright when you’re outside, but what if you just wanted to browse the internet on your smartphone?

So what devices can supports LTE? Well, we are not sure if all the devices will be made available in Malaysia anytime soon (as they supports CDMA network), but we will list them anyway.

This is NOT a HTC One X~ despite the design that shares the similarity. Besides having a LTE chip underneath, it works on a Snapdragon S4 Dual Core rather the awesome Tegra 3 Quad Core. Snapdragon S4 boosts a 1.5 Ghz and some websites claim that it is as fast as Asus Transformer Prime and its fraternal brother, HTC One X. On the side note, it contains 16gb memory and a  microSD-card slot.

This is the birth child between one of the US telco company, Sprint, and HTC. Due to the exclusivity of this collaboration, only Sprint has this model, not AT&T, nor Verizon and etc.

A LTE equipped smartphone, that has almost the same spec as HTC One XL. However, the similarity ends at the fact that you get extra 200mah battery capacity than One XL and a kickstand on the back that cleverly conceals as part of the design, sporting a bright red band! However, source has it that this phone will only be available in US.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE
One of the best Android phones! It has the same spec as the model in Malaysia except containing the extra LTE chip. This will most likely come to Malaysia by the launch of the new LTE services.

Motorola RAZR MAXX
It’s based on the ravishing Motorola RAZR but with only 2mm thicker than the RAZR, this MAXX model gains a whooping 3300 mAH battery. It’s the highest battery capacity in any smartphones in the world. What difference does the number means? It means the battery life stands up to 61 hours (more than 2 days!), according to gsmarena test.

Hopefully this post has brought you up to speed with the local advancement of our telco technology. Until then, stay tuned to us for more updates and have a great day! Cheers!