After Instagram’s recent exciting integration into the Android world, it has reached over 1 billion downloads, in just 12 hour! That certainly caught some serious attention as the biggest player in Social Networks – Facebook, has an eyes on it and wanted to use Instagram to expand photo-sharing craze in mobile arena.

Instagram has taken the market by storm since its launch back in 2010. Sustained with only 13 employees, it has 30 million user base and expanding rapidly when it goes into Android platform.

Mark Zuckerburg has confirmed the news on his personal blog about to buying Instagram with a hefty price of USD$ 1 billion ,  and clarified that it won’t affect the current Instagram intergration. If I were Kevin Systrom or Mike Krieger (developers of Instragram), I must be shaking with joy right now! =)

Check out Mark Zuckerburg post and have your say in our comment column, is that a good move for both of the company or you beg to differ? 

Now matter how it turns out, here’s to mobile photography and the simple joy it brings.Cheers and have a great day!