While Google+ gained some attention in the few weeks before, Google has released a massive redesign over the existing User Interface (UI). The new UI seems much more sleeker and customizable where you can change position and remove icons on the left side. You can also preview the item within the icon by hovering over them.

‘Hangouts’ has always been Google+ unique function for video chatting. Now, it has added a dedicated button on the homepage for quick access to chat with your friends. Posting photo and videos is getting an updates as well.  It allows you to view larger photos and add a Explorer tab at the same time.

The new design has started to roll out to some users and more functions are to be expected to come out this week. Google+ currently has more than  90 million users and has been more aggressively trying to lure users into using its platform as an alternative to Facebook.

Do you think it will be on par with Facebook anytime soon, or sometime later, for that matters?

More updates coming soon, so stay tuned with us. Cheers and have a great Monday!