After some users complained about the GPS issue on the new Transformer Prime, Asus listens to their valued customers’ voices and is starting to give out FREE GPS Extension Kit in Malaysia! It’s a definitely a right move for Asus by admitting their mistake instead of  just providing update fixes that barely fixes any thing. However, please take note that a small amount of users still experience the GPS issue on their Transformer Prime after installing the extension kit.

Doesn’t know why is this a big deal? Well, let’s put things into comparison. Unlike some company *cough*Apple*cough* who blames their  users for the poor reception on their device; Asus actually acknowledges the importance of their customer as the key of success. That is why they go the distance of providing free kits. They’ve even  revised their design on their new Transformer 300 that was just released in US to prevent the same issue to happen again. Apple fans or not, this is a gesture that we should learn to appreciate and to expect, from gadgets giants in the future.

Remember this? ^^

So, if you are a Transformer Prime user, i strongly suggested you go to the link below to redeem your GPS toggle for free. No words yet if the extensions kit are made limited or not, so let’s do that as soon as possible.

Well, wish all Transformer Prime-r gets they fixes and until then, have a great day! =)