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The long awaited Asus Padfone has just started to talk pre-orders on Taiwan. It’s one of the most innovative product that have been announced last year. What Asus did was taking its own transformer prime and made it into three transformation: phone, tablet, and netbook.

The price for the phone alone is priced at NT$ 17,990(RM1867) . While the bundle package of the phone,tablet dock, and a 2-in-1 bluetooth earpiece/stylus will set you back to NT$ 24,980 (RM 2595), which is RM100 more than the price of an iphone 4s 32GB(RM 2499). I think it’s quite a bargain as you get a phone AND a tablet with that price. If you opting for the keyboard dock as well, expect to pay another NT$ 3291 (RM341), making a hefty total of RM 2936. That might seem like a very high price for most consumers because it is as the same price as some Ultrabooks in the market right now.


The phone itself is quite a looker, it features Asus own design mythology called “Zen”. It has a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED display, Dual-core Snapdragon S4, 8 megapixel with f2.2 camera and it runs on Android Ice-cream Sandwich! For the tablet, it’s actually a display dock for the Padfone. All the processes is executed with the phone’s hardware. When slotted into the display dock, it will instantly output the current phone homepage into a tablet view. You don’t need to restart your phone in order to use Android 4.0 tablet version.


You can use the 2-in-1 stylus/ bluetooth earpiece to take notes, draw, and even use it to make calls. It’s a clever design so you don’t need to hold your tablet near to your face or unplugged the phone to get the calls.


With the keyboard, your tablet will transform into a netbook, allowing you to type easily on your lap.The keyboard dock also gives you USB port,HDMI port and SD slot. Not just that, each of the docks has built-in battery, which means you can get 5 times more battery with the tablet dock, and combine it with the keyboard dock you can get a total 9 times of battery life compare to the phone battery itself. That is a lot of handy battery life! That might just end your dilemma of opting to play your favourite game or save the battery for emergency!

The Padfone is kind of a good deal if you looked at the features and the freedom of cool transformation the docks allow you to have. Each of the transformation, it opens up a new possibility for you to experience a totally different device, a phone, a tablet , a drawing pad AND/OR a netbook? Life has got to be good if you’re spoilt with so many choices~ 

Take a look of the video that what Padfone can be in your life.


Just when you thought Android devices can’t get any better, and that there can’t possibly be more coming soon,  well, you’re wrong!

Here’s a leaked invitation about, yet-again, one of the most anticipating smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3. And from the looks of the it, it is one haute sexy palm-candy!

It looks NOTHING like any devices on the market right now and is simply G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Well, it is so appealing, I am starting to rethink about me jumping the gun at buying HTC One X so soon! At first glance, the glass and metal seemed to join seamlessly together where the bottom metal bend a bit backward.  If not mistaken, this might be the bottom of the phone and may I point out, there are no micro usb port in sight! That got me thinking… maybe, just maybe, the wireless charging features may be début in this phone.

From the press date, we can also predict that the device will be up for sale just before 25, July, the 2012 – Olympic Game, which happens to be held in London too. This will be a feast for the Samsung’s marketing team seeing Samsung is one of the partners in the 2012 Olympic Game. This could also mean that there will be a great battle with the famed iPhone 5(or should I call it “the New” iPhone).

Let’s just hope consumers are on the beneficial end of this war. =) If you’ve been wanting to get a new phone but not in need to get it urgently, my advice for you is wait for just a little longer. If you’ve just gotten a new one, well, that sucks for you (and me too~ *sigh*) but then again, I am pretty content with what I have now.

Stay tuned for more updates on this, and have a great day! Cheers!

Still dream of owning a pair futuristic glasses that from “Star Trek”? Well , Trekkies, good news!

Google is testing a display glasses called “Project Glass” that allows you to see and share information without your PC or even tablets.
The glasses are the company’s first venture into wearable computing.  This might be the revolutionary gadget that replaces our smart phones where you use voice for messaging instead of typing, view the information like weather condition by just staring at the sky.

With the amazing speed technology advancement is heading, I’d like to believe that the succession of this “Project Glass” will be sooner than we expect. Given a pair of this glasses, what would you do with it? Do leave your creative ideas at our comment column, we’d like to hear from you!

Take a look at this video of a person using it .

On the same note, I’d like to introduce to you how our future might look like, when smart innovative glass has taken over. THIS, is the world, just maybe, 20 years from now. Brought to you, by the very same manufacturer of the Gorilla Glass (you’re probably touch it right now, if you are browsing with Nokia Lumia 800, Google Nexus or HTC Ones) ^^

This is a video presentation of the world coming our way. Would you like to live in it, or you’d rather roam free in the jungle? Seems pretty intimidating yet fascinating at the same time for me.

If you’d like to see the original video mentioned, below is the link to it.

In the mean times, do learn to appreciate what nature has to offer us by doing your part in nature conservation. Even it is little, but it makes a difference. Cheers!

The US President and the First Lady are opening their home to the public! On the Internet, that is.

Now you can stroll/scroll The White House and gaze at the artwork of America’s previous presidents like Washington and Lincoln.
With the collaboration of Google, public is provided a 360 degrees street view tour around the White House which includes 139 precious works of art .

Ever wondered what does one of the world’s most powerful leaders’ home look like? Does it look anything like what the movies have been portraying it to be? Don’t miss this opportunity to reveal the mystery and seek answer for yourself! Head over to this video introduction courtesy of Michelle Obama link to check it out.

Have fun on your field trip and have a great day! =)