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The mobile telecommunication has been advancing by the second. Now, Digi is leading the way in Malaysia’s first LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, serving up fibre-like speed to supported phones. With download speed up to 300Mbps and upload speeds up to 75mbps, it is fast enough to replace most of the broadband in many homes.

It also better than the WIMAX that YES & P1 are currently providing, as LTE supports backward compatible with GSM and 3G network. That means if you can still use the alternative network if you’re not in the LTE coverage.

Other than that, it comes with a SIM card that allows you to slot into any LTE supported smartphones or modem for easier portability. How is it different from those that doesn’t comes with a SIM card, you ask? For instance, using WIMAX, you are required to have an extra modem or hotspot doggle to provide the internet access, it might be alright when you’re outside, but what if you just wanted to browse the internet on your smartphone?

So what devices can supports LTE? Well, we are not sure if all the devices will be made available in Malaysia anytime soon (as they supports CDMA network), but we will list them anyway.

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