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Finally, Galaxy S3 has arrived to the SmartPhone Arena. Let’s us compare it to the recently launch HTC One X and other smartphone: Iphone 4s and Nokia Lumia 900.


Having spent 5 days with my new HTC One X, it reassures me that it was one of the best decisions I have made. I don’t mean to super-impose my preference for it on you, but it is just my personal experience talking here. This phone is so well-rounded and close to perfection, I feel the urge to treat it like a living object.

Here are the 10 reasons why.

1) the LOOK

Doesn’t this just takes your breath away? The sleekness, the curves and the beauty that lies in its own category of simplicity. If a phone reflects the owner’s personality, I would say HTC One X’s beholder is someone seeking for perfection in the simplicity of life.



2) the Material

HTC is very generous with this One Series by featuring materials from top of the line. For instance, One X is encased with high-grade polycarbonate that is extremely light weight (you’ll notice once you hold it) and durable. The screen itself, it is an answered prayer as it features the Second Generation of Gorilla Glass, from non other that the world famed NY-based glass company, Corning.

(Do check out one of our post on “Augmented Reality” where we talked a little about Corning’s amazing visions for future)


3) the Screen

From the material of the screen, to the resolution of the pixels. HTC One X features a 4.7” 720p HD Super LCD 2 screen. You know when “720p”, “HD”, “Super” and “2” all comes together at once, it has got to be good! And it goes beyond that. What the brochure doesn’t tell you is that it has “extreme viewing angle”, meaning no matter how you tilt the screen, you can still see what is on the homescreen, VIVIDLY. even under broad sunlight.


4) the Camera

HTC One X comes with a 8MP camera. While the high number in resolution is getting common among other smartphones, it triumphs in the low-number category too, by featuring a fast f2.0 lens. What does this mean? It means your day of capturing darker-than-useful pictures in lowlight conditions are over! This aperture allows 44% more light to reach the image chip, thus the rave for the camera. And, of course, let’s not forget the unique ability to capture pictures while recoding on high definition. Oh, and the 4 different Smart Flash configurations and realtime view of varies preset filters are just cherry on top.


5) the Sound

In coherence with the design motto of this One Series, “Amazing Camera, Authentic Sound”, comes the incredible music enhancer of all time, a collaboration with Beats Audio.

It is not just audible through a Beats headset, it is made accessible to ALL headphones! Now, that is the true philosophy of sharing music! How it is done? HTC One X comes with built-in Beats Audio software, allowing you to watching films, YouTubes, games and of course your favourite tunes, all to the expense of amazingly enhanced experience.

It doesn’t stop here either! As seen on screen shots below, the software contains more than just one configurations for the Beats Headset, you can choose accordingly to your liking. If you have worked hard enough to get a new phone, I would say your ears deserve the best pampering it can get. And of course, to get the best out of the Beats Audio is by plugging in one of the Beats headsets. Previously, HTC gives out Beats headset for the first 300 One X buyers and they have just recently close the bundle package for the headsets too,

Here are the screenshot guidance to where you can find the configurations:


6) the Speed

One of the most talked-about features in the HTC One X has got to be the pioneering feat of having a Quadcore processor. If you are someone like me, who loathe the missed seconds of “loading…”, you will be amazed by how everything is that much quicker on this masterpiece. With Android Ice-cream Sandwich preloaded, the cunning hardware & the smooth transitions is a match made in heaven!

And usually, with speed & bright screen, there is always compromise on the battery, but not for One X. Compromise is not an options so it comes with a super intelligent 5th Battery Saver Core (yes, you counted right, it has 4+1 core) that helps maximize the efficiency of battery usage. From my usage (with data on, most of the day; and sometimes games too), it lasted for a close 20 hours.

*duration might varies according to usage*

7) the Fuzz, freed

If your playlist hasn’t been updated for a long time, because you dreaded the frustratingly confusing sync process of the file manager in most devices, things can’t be easier with HTC One X. Everything is a drag-&-drop away. Life sure feels better when you can keep your favorite tunes/ pictures/ movie in your pocket, anytime and anywhere. 432059_378492325503649_188208727865344_1485258_945991422_n

8) the Ergonomics

This can only be spoken after having experienced the phone myself.

Being a designer, I am extremely meticulous about the ergonomics, or in other word, the comfort while interacting with object. In this case with the One X, it is absolutely love at first touch ! It feels incredible solid, despite the significantly lighter weight and the curves on all ends follows the shape of your palm well. The weight distribution is done in a way that the phone tend to stay in your palm rather than slipping out. The overall size is a good balance between having a big-enough screen yet easy to be held in one’s hand.  The smooth texture is so well done that I find it hard to put it down.


9) the Little Things

With so many aspects taken care of, just when you thought things can’t possibly get better, well, it does. This amazing innovation comes in a adorably-neat recyclable packaging, making your purchase from world away a little more environment-conscious. It might not seem much, but it is a reflection of the company’s social responsibility, and I’d like to support that.


10) the Price

For budget conscious consumer, please don’t be put off by the amazing features this phone has to offer. It comes in a highly reasonable price, retailing at RM2099. It is a steal for such a price if viewed in comparison with other models in the same league. If taken with a data plan bundle, it goes even lower.

Here are some information of pricing of our 4 major local telco companies.









Alrights, that concludes “Why you should love the HTC One X” and I hope it has help conveyed the information you needed to get to know more about this device.

Should you have any questions regarding this device, feel free to drop us a line in comments, we will try our best to answer them. Until then, I hope you have a great time reading, and have a great day! Cheers!

With the hype surrounding the recent launch of HTC One X, the much coveted Samsung Galaxy Note seems rather expensive in comparison as the Quad-cored One X costs only RM2099.

Superbuy, which is a Malaysia online store has slashed its price for Galaxy Note from RM2299 to RM 1979 (black) and RM 1999(White) to stay in the game. Although Galaxy Note has a larger Super AMOLED  5.3″ display than the HTC One X Super LCD 2 4.7″, the latter has a Quad-core underneath its cover and clams with f2.0 aperture 8 megapixel camera , Beats Audio, just to name a few while Galaxy Note has the amazing stylus features unique to its own.

The new pricing of Galaxy Note makes a awesome deal but interested buyer has to think for a while because both of these phone are totally in different category with One X as camera powerhouse and Galaxy Note as artist gateway to express.

Here is my word of advice, if you are a hardcore Galaxy Note fan looking for a good timing to get one, here’s the time; but if you’re a free-thinker looking for a good phone, head on to the display centre and get a feel of both of these amazing innovations. You’ll know which one to choose when you know which suits you best. Good luck! =)

Head over to this link (black) or link (white) to view the prices. We will come out a  phone specification comparison chart soon. So, stay tuned!

HTC finally released their new series to the eagerly waiting fans in Malaysia, if you notice the long pause since the launch of their last model.  To fill up the silence, may I present to you – HTC One Series! (yes, exclamation mark for the excitement I am feeling right now!)

For now, as of 4th of April, HTC One Series has two models, HTC One X and the smaller brother, One V. However, there is another model yet to set foot in Malaysia, which is the long lost brother, One S (which I shall do the reveal/ review on a separate post). =)

First thing first. The One X is the world’s First Quad-core smartphone in the world, ever! And what makes it tick, you ask?

Let’s start with the design intention of this perfect machine. As mention on the recent launch party in Pavilion (that is still ongoing throughout this week), it is an answer to what people look for in a smartphone – amazing camera AND authentic sound. HTC One X is fitted with 8 megapixel camera with its latest imaging software called: ImageSense. ImageSense allows the camera to take picture at the speed of 4 frame per second. It can also capture 99 shots in one continuous  capture.Throwing all technical jargons aside, and speaking from my experience from these few days, the camera lives up to the utterly high expectation of mine. And in a nutshell, it does a great job being on par with some of the DSLR in the market with its cunning speed and photo quality.

Now, things get more exciting beyond that. The built-in Beats Audio universal software allows you to listen to your favourite tune the way it was intended to be heard (quoting Beats Audio motto, cliche but true). Didn’t have a Beats headset? Fret not, the software, unique to HTC One Series, grants you access to those Beats-enhanced sound with just any headphone. Now, THAT is proof HTC has been listening to people’s voice. And by the way, if you feel like pampering your ears with the sweet caress of the true Beats Audio experience, HTC is having great bundle deal with the ever-desirable Beats Headset, on their Pavilion roadshow, right now!

Oh, and one important note that they have yet to mention. If your music playlist has not been updated for a long time because you dreaded the incredibly confusing syncing process, worry no more. With Android Ice-cream Sandwich supported, adding the latest tune into your HTC Ones will be a walk in the park, by simply drop-and-drop! Yes, I know, dream come true for someone like me. =)

Think the fun stopped here? Not until we talk about the beautiful design that encases the brilliant machinery inside. It is without a doubt that One X is the BEST looking smartphone in the market right now. The body was constructed with polycarbonate high grade plastic just like the Nokia Lumia 800, with a unibody design language, meaning it looks and feels like a one-piece, SOLID + brilliantly conceals any stratches (if any).  A piece of 4.7″ second generation Gorilla Glass been slapped onto the front with the gorgeous Super LCD 2 720p display, bringing you amazing viewing angle and scratch-resistant screen. Technicals aside, I just want to stress out that my first encounter with this phone was “Love at First Touch”. Being a designer, I absolutely loathe design that just doesn’t work, but THIS, everything just feels right. The curves that follows the palm of your hand, the distribution of weight that makes it stays in you palm, the looks, the material, EVERY details.

I have never gotten this excited about a phone since, well, ever. Like a maiden trapped in a castle waiting for her knight in shiny armour, I have been waiting for the perfect smartphone to come along. The wait, I am proud to say, IS OVER! HTC One X is where technology meets craftsmanship, where brain meets beauty. A blue-moon, I would, when manufacturer chuck away the business strategy and decided to just follow their heart. Here’s to you, HTC!

Stay tuned for more updates. Cheers!