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Finally, Galaxy S3 has arrived to the SmartPhone Arena. Let’s us compare it to the recently launch HTC One X and other smartphone: Iphone 4s and Nokia Lumia 900.



After many rumours fly though the internet, Samsung finally announced their much exciting phone at London. The new device features all the latest goodies including Exynos quad core 1.4Ghz, 4.8” HD super AMOLED display, 8MP rear camera,NFC, 2100 mah battery and android 4.0. All that in a 8.6mm thick body. It seems that a lot of rumour were right about the spec.

Galaxy S3 also soon has 4G capability model which will allow you surfing the web as fast as on your Unifi optic fiber. I can’t believe that Samsung can actually squeeze so much hardware chips into a 8.6mah. Don’t forget that it will have a 2100 mah battery which Samsung promised to give user a full day usage with their 2012 handsets.

Samsung has learned a lot from Apple and they going to sell Galaxy S3  in Europe from the end of the May before rolling out to global market.Check on the videos and photo gallery.



Hands on videos:

The Verge first hand on Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 event is just one week away, and there are quite a lot of leak model appearing on the internet. has found a sketch service manual that shows  Galaxy S3  images and specification.

We can see that the quad core processor is cloaked at 1.5 Ghz instead of the lately announced Exynos 4 quad core 1.4Ghz  processor. It has a rounded body and home buttons. The rumored 12 megapixel camera has been reduced to 8 megapixel.

Check out the picture and comment on what do you think of the spec in the photo.

Do you think the real thing will be a disappointment or a big hit in the market? After seeing this, does your palm itch to hold S3’s close rival – HTC One X instead? I do not like the feeling, but I am sensing a let down here. =(

But until then, hope you have a great day and we shall see how the most anticipated model of the year goes down on the 22nd of May.

From the previous press leak about the Galaxy S3. Phonearena uncovered a leaked shot of the codename GT-9300 not long ago. The picture showed that it’s running android 4.0 and also featured a buttonless design just like Nexus.

The spec of this device also leaked half of the details. For now we know that it will running a Exynos 1.4 Ghz dual core processor just like Galaxy Note. It also has a smaller 4 ” screen with ARM Mail-400 MP graphics and 720p display.

From our observe this can’t be the new Galaxy S3 and since Samsung already released Galaxy S Advance,  it will most probably a minor update for the Galaxy S2. We still can’t be sure yet but we will let you all know when we found out. Stay tuned.

Galaxy S Advance I9070

Just when you thought Android devices can’t get any better, and that there can’t possibly be more coming soon,  well, you’re wrong!

Here’s a leaked invitation about, yet-again, one of the most anticipating smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3. And from the looks of the it, it is one haute sexy palm-candy!

It looks NOTHING like any devices on the market right now and is simply G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Well, it is so appealing, I am starting to rethink about me jumping the gun at buying HTC One X so soon! At first glance, the glass and metal seemed to join seamlessly together where the bottom metal bend a bit backward.  If not mistaken, this might be the bottom of the phone and may I point out, there are no micro usb port in sight! That got me thinking… maybe, just maybe, the wireless charging features may be début in this phone.

From the press date, we can also predict that the device will be up for sale just before 25, July, the 2012 – Olympic Game, which happens to be held in London too. This will be a feast for the Samsung’s marketing team seeing Samsung is one of the partners in the 2012 Olympic Game. This could also mean that there will be a great battle with the famed iPhone 5(or should I call it “the New” iPhone).

Let’s just hope consumers are on the beneficial end of this war. =) If you’ve been wanting to get a new phone but not in need to get it urgently, my advice for you is wait for just a little longer. If you’ve just gotten a new one, well, that sucks for you (and me too~ *sigh*) but then again, I am pretty content with what I have now.

Stay tuned for more updates on this, and have a great day! Cheers!